2019 Neverland:Wendy’s Story

Neverland: Wendy’s Story

May 2 – 11, 2019


Date: December 15th, 2019

Time: 9:00am to 11:00am

Location: Cardston Civic Center

Contact Mark Easthope if you want to participate, but can’t make it to the audition (403-653-7111)

Click here for audition requirements and tips.


“Neverland, It’s the place where you play all day, always get your way, where there isn’t any gloom..” unless, of course, you’re intent on making fine English gentlemen out of a troop of boys who may or may not be English, and who are bound and determined to never grow up. Wendy has signed up for more than she bargained for. Between murderous mermaids, plotting pirates, and the fierce Nitsitapiiks Wendy’s in deep until she decides to get real and finds her own way to a better tomorrow.

Neverland: Wendy’s Story is an original play written by Meg Hudson, Carl Brave Rock and in consultation with Ramona Big Head. Musical score and lyrics are written by Rebecca Gorham, and Olivia Tailfeathers. Orchestration done by Mark Mitchell. Come and join us for a night of imagination and self-discovery.