Junction Town

Chautauqua Live Junction Town

Chautauqua Live Presents the Musical Theatre production of

“Junction Town”

Played June 8-16, 2018 at the Cardston Civic Centre


Junction Town is a rollicking trip to the Village of Stirling in its early years. Anna Brandley Ostlund and her husband, Mar, tell their children tales of the village: from Anna’s first and unfavourable impressions of the prairie, the laying of twelve miles of rail, and a royal tour, to the lessons and losses of the Great War. There’s a song about Theodore Brandley’s gall bladder, and a ragtime finale that’ll have you on your feet (to boogie, not to bolt)!

With a script and lyrics written by Jonathon Penny, and musical settings composed by Mark Mitchell, Junction Town captures the wit and the warmth, the love and the loneliness, the hurt and the hoopla, and the quirky and quotidian pleasures of life in a small town, where people cross paths, make friends and marriages, lay loved ones to rest, and leave some part of their hearts when it’s time to move on. Come home to Junction Town. We’ll be waiting at the siding!