Here at CCT we  are grateful for the countless hours of service given by the volunteers who make our live theatre productions happen. From the Stage and Music/Vocal Directors to the cast to the crew to the behind-the-scene scene changers……. to the board members who manage the entire production…… every job is important!

Without our wonderful volunteers, the magic would not happen.

We have a recognition program in place to help us recognize and celebrate the incredible number of hours, effort, sacrifice, and work that goes into our productions by an individual:

10 years: 10-year director chair with your embroidered name, year, and CCT logo presented on stage on closing night

20 years: Special 20-year plaque presented on stage on closing night

25 years: Special 25-year plaque presented on stage on closing night

30 years: A special gift of your choosing (Options given at the time of your achievement) presented on stage on closing night

In order for an individual to receive recognition for a show, they must put in at least 40 hours per production to count as a year of service. This is not difficult to achieve when performing on stage, gathering and managing props, arranging music, stage directing, creating the program, gathering sponsors, lighting up the show, preparing the concessions, managing the house, dressing the characters with costumes, playing an instrument, making us all sound so great, making our hair and make up look so fantastic, and so much more that goes on behind the scenes!

We are excited to recognize the following individuals for reaching their significant milestones of service this year. Please join us in celebrating their gift of service to the Cardston Community Theatre.

10 years

No awards this year

20 years

No awards this year

25 years

Mark Easthope (CCT President)

30 years

No awards this year


We would also like to extend warm gratitude to our volunteers of less than 40 hours per production. There are volunteers who come year after year to help you to your seat, help you find the washroom, take your tickets, sell the programs, and help with various other duties and responsibilities during the show.


The following individuals have reached the following milestones of less than 40 hours per production serving as host/hostess, in the box office, painting sets, photographs, etc.:

10 years 

Gordon Brinkhurst (Newspaper Article Writer)

Haroldine Neilson (Hostess)

Joan Scott (Hostess)

Rick Williams (Host)

15 years

Melanie Avery (Hostess)

Larry Lowry (Program Photographer)

Julia Redford (Hostess)

20 years

Don Nelson (House/Stage set up, Town of Cardston)

Jean Wilson (Box Office)

25 years

Norm Sheen (Host)


Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Interested in volunteering? Check out all the volunteer opportunities on our “Volunteer Opportunities” page!

Interested in joining our board of directors? Check out our “Board of Directors” page for more information!

We look forward to having you as part of our 2019 production!